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Fantastical Protagonist

So I couldn't decide whether to do a creature or a human-type character, so I did thumbnails for both! I'm leaning towards doing a human but I do like a couple of the creatures, including the fat thing second from the top right corner and the rabbit creature in the middle left...

I'm not entirely happy with the thumbnails but I'll keep on truckin'! Ideally I'd like to do some sort of female hero or an enemy creature. Maybe both!

October 22:

Thanks everyone for your feedback!!

I refined a few of the humans, I'm working on the creatures but they're proving a bit more difficult since I don't usually design creatures! Here are the humans I chose to go forward with:

I like the first two, not sure about the third because of her pose... I don't know how well it's reading. The first is a old woman, perhaps a priestess who deals with birds (hence the feathers and holding a chicken). I like how the scythe echoes a bird's head, but I'm not sure how well it fits with the character.

I'll keep trying to refine the creatures!


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