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Gloria Chiang





I had in mind to do permutations of electric fans and found this poster on Etsy. (Apologies for not crediting but I had forgotten to save the link.)

Traced a couple of cages and two sets of propellers that will be my assets for this project.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I created the desired outcome in Illustrator before actually writing the code to see how the different assets should layer and also decide on the colour palette I wanted to use. (Got lazy along the way and ended up using only two cages.)

Step-by-step coding. Pretty happy with the results so far; managed to get the random stroke colour, rotation and grid layout working. Not sure if alpha = 0 is the best way to create a no-fill but it looks alright.

A bit more tweaking and several HDrawablePools later...

Would look a lot better with a wider ColorPool range and a few more assets but I won't spend too much time on this one. Can't wait to start on Programming Graphics II!


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