Fancy and Great looking Art News Website

I have a solid grasp on HTML 4, and CSS, but I am unsure of HTML 5 and thought this course might be a great way to learn HTML 5. 
I currently run a fairly well known art website but I built it using the Magento Framework and It's pretty stale and clunky. So for the purpose of this project I would like to creat a whole new art based website from scratch that I will actually use as a basis for when I replace my current site.

The site will need to have an easy to use blogging functionality, Facebook and Twitter Integration, easy and fun video clips linkable, allowances for advertising, links to the store (currently on BigCartel), and a features area where important web posts will go. The site will be used for linking/showcasing art, announcing sales, writing artist features/interviews, and various other art news.


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