Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL

Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL - student project

With such good teachers and co-creators, all of our work will inevitably go global. First will be in the periodicals such as in-flight magazines and Accounting weekly. From there it is but one short step to the Economist and Wallpaper*, before appearing in a coffee-table-hard-cover-very-pricey behemoth. 

The final resting place will be a major retrospective at the MOMA. See below ;)

See you all there and thanks for the feedback, insights and ideas.


Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL - image 1 - student project

Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL - image 2 - student project

// Final Draft.

Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL - image 3 - student project

I've had enough pink to last me until my July suntan arrives. Done. Enough. No more infographics for the week - I am going to unwind with my nice, dry, year-end review Excel pivot table.

Peering at others' projects has left me both queasy with envy but also with a stack of ideas - less pithy, more professional - which will slide straight into my at work activities.

Thanks again for the comments from all; real team feel to this project.

Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL - image 4 - student project

Updated Version 2.

Thanks for the feedback folks. Just when you thought a serious issue could not become more superficial ("a bad Hairricane" for crying out loud) I now give you Hurricones - Whippys and Wipeouts for the top 5 states.

Quite right that the banner overwhelmed version 1. Equally so that my icon and numbers - although weighted by volume - were not sufficiently striking. Having sat in meetings all week and drenched in powerpoint, a key rule is that you only have one glance for people to glean meaning (or mentally go home).

Regarding technical creation this is done the same way; AI file, some stock vectors with a tweak and time spent rummaging for a type to match. Having a Wacom tablet is essential too.

Of note to myself, both ideas came from verbalising my intent out loud. Each time to a moderately interested wife; in hearing myself attempt to articulate my meaning, plenty of word association came to the fore. Explaning it in more detail made my hands begin sculpting in thin air. 5 minutes of that, at 11.50pm last night, and I (wife says 'we') had the idea before bedtime.

Interested to hear from others how their creativity was stoked and channeled. And interested to get anymore feedback.



Fancy a Hurricone? FINAL - image 5 - student project

Where to begin. In the office first half of the week, training course the last part. Socialising with students in the evenings leaving Sunday, today, to complete this "what-am-i-doing-again?" project. Sound familiar to anyone?

Fortunately (!) we had a hefty little blizzard today in Montréal; forcing me to stay put but also sending inspiration past the window at a stunningly fast speed. 

Built in Illustrator using a Vector map and broken spirals, the 'cutting humour!' is an attempt to answer why should I care about this when 95% of us will never see a big-H in person. However for the right audience - insurance loss adjusters, off-shore drilling firms - the top 5 would have relevance.

To put all of the data in the visual would be tricky me-thinks. My top 5 is arbitrary, and squeezing in 2-3 more would make it messier than trimming your own hair at home - with no lights on. For that I would use interactive PDFs built in Indesign pulling from AI layers or using my first and true love - Pivot tables in Excel.

Hence the idea. Hope it makes sense at a glance, do let me know if it loses you and why.

Tricky thing for me is coming up with a colour schema and layout. At work I use company colours but here I am scratching around in Kuler or online gazing. Seems like an age is lost and I end repeating favourites - pastel blues, nice purples, sharp greens and gold.

Any ideas Liz and Gavin?



PS Good videos. First one especially.