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Megan Carroll

Surface Pattern & Illustrator.



Fancy Lemonade Party 2wk Design Challenge!

My Latest project for the 2wk Design Challenge! First my moodboard and colour pallette.


Last November's Project....

I decided on a whim to enter this weeks spoonflower comp but with only a few days to go and with little personal time to do it!!! Here is what I came up with...

I started off with some words, such as what comes to mind when I think of thermoses... Dad, Work, Meals, Fork Knives.... etc...

Found Some images online and at my local antique mall...


 (online google search)

Drew Some Pictures.... This took the longest time, because I first roughly drew them in my sketchbook then traced the ones I liked onto a blank piece of paper for better refinement... I liked Elizabeth's advice about Inkpad and not doing live trace but drawing directly into vectors on a device... So even though I spent a lot of time pre refining my drawings once I photographed them, uploaded them and traced them on inkpad everything else did go much faster! 


These are the drawings in Inkpad... As they were mostly refined it took no time to close any open paths and straigten out any warbly pathways... Yay for time savers...

One thing I struggle with when making patterns is there rigidness and I have a hard time lossening up... As you can see my illustrations are very geometric. I really liked Elizabeth's approach of filling in the center and and working the edges after.... Keeping in mind, flow, space, and fitting things togethers.

I worked in my palette right away.... drawing colours from my source images. 




Here is my final work!!! 


How you like it! 


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