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Fancy Lady Sea Salt

For Christmas this year I wanted to create something handmade yet functional that celebrated all of my lady friends. I decided to create a small batch of bath salts with the intent of creating a sea themed label with a whimsical girly feel so that even if they weren't inclined to take a bath, the bottle would be something they would want to display in their bathrooms.

Here is my initial moodboard:

The feeling I was going for was reminiscent of a vintage perfume bottle with a hand illustrated look. I really liked the colors of these old book bindings combined with a corked bottle. I initially wanted to somehow incorporate a seahorse but in the end it felt like too much.

My process started with some initial pencil sketches and then I layered different inked elements with tracing paper to decide on the layout.

I liked the structure of the bold caps versus the script and decide to go in that direction. I scanned all of the elements into the computer and then played with finalizing and coloring in photoshop.

And here is the final label and application...

Peppermint, rose, or lavender...


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