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Alan Defibaugh

Illustrator & Arteeste



Fancy Lad Cupcake

Had a blast completing this tutorial, thanks Fraser! 

This is my second pass at the project. The first pass I made Fraser's hat guy and was pretty pleased with the results, but my second run through I wanted to do an original character with flair.

For my cupcake I doubled the amount of frames from 16 to 32. This gave me room to give my character a slower gait. It also gave me plenty of room to make custom animation for the frosting and sprinkles on top.

I found out that with this many frames, the bottoms of my characters feet tended to want to float below the baseline with more time between "Left" and "Right", so I had to add some more keyframes in between to force them to stay anchored properly.

I forgot to add leg shadows when rigging at the start and learned that linking paths is a lot of trouble if you didn't do it at the start. As a result I left those out.


Cupcake Walk


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