Famous First Lines #1 | Skillshare Projects

Peter Coupe

Cartoonist and Illustrator



Famous First Lines #1

I began by ordering a box of Blackwing pencils - not something that you see a lot of here in the UK.  Really glad I did!  Fabulous, soft lines and really easy to get a good solid tone too.

I filled a sketchbook with a page on each letter of the alphabet, to get me started.  Then I started to sketch out a couple of ideas for famous first lines or vesrses of my favourite songs.  As I was born in 1952 I had plenty to go at!

After a few sketches wherte I played around with the layout I did a pencil final and then just inked right on top.  The final image is the inked final image.

I like it and have already started to do lots more.  

Great course!






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