Family-sourcing the family tree

Family-sourcing the family tree - student project

After the 500th time I heard my aunt tell a gut-busting family story that I wish I'd written down or filmed or something, I decided that was time to go virtual on the family tree. This is the stuff we all regret not spending time on once our loved ones are gone so I'm going for it.

The point of this project is to create a graphic of my family tree (as best i know it), and build out a family scrapbook with photos, life details, and random stories. I'd say I know about 50% of the family history, so what I'd like to do is post everything I DO know, and then send the website link to the many branches of my family. Relatives can add bits and pieces, fill in missing information, submit written stories or video, etc.

Though I'd love to get all fancy with it, I figure the way I'll do the interactive part at first is to build a "contact me" page with file upload, so that others can at least send me the information and I'll post it.

Crazy? Workable? I have no idea. I've never touched html in my life, but I thought this might be more fun than just using Wordpress. If you have thoughts about how I can make this great for my family, I'd love to hear them!