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Family is everything

I was walking around Fairfax when I saw a family sitting at the bus stop and it reminded me of when I was younger and would have to take up to 3 buses everyday with my mom, brother, and sister just to get to school.

This was the original photo taken.

When I first took the picture the first thing I saw was the it was a little crooked and it really bothered me. So I tilted it little to make it as straight as possible using the SKRWT app.

After titling it I took the camera too VSCO cam and made a couple of adjusts. I personally like darker photos so I first turned down the exposure to -2, i then set the temperature to -1 & the contrast to +1. To me it still felt like it wasn't exactly where I wanted it so I put the Shadow Save up to +1, put the sharpness up to +1 (just like Rubin) and then used the preset C1 at +6. The result was then

I was very pleased with how it came out.


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