Family Relaxation

Family Relaxation - student project

I started my project before watching all the videos so I will definitely do more of these but wanted to share these because my daughters joined in and I think their paintings are fab. The “warmth” one is by my 10 year old who until now has been very daunted by watercolour, and the “air” one is by my eight year old who decided to add her own flair to create a mini galaxy and has just set up to paint some more since she enjoyed doing it so much.  The perfect way to introduce a little mindfulness into our homeschooling day, thank you Sharone. We loved that the projects can take as long or as quick as you like so you can pick it up and do one whenever you need a quiet moment to recentre, this is something my daughters have done a few times since our first sitting.


Family Relaxation - image 1 - student project