Family Name Monogram

I decided to make a family monogram using the B from our last name and first initals M, A, S, & E. Here is my original sketch, I started out planning to do something with a lot of script, I liked the idea of keeping it a generally circular shape but tried several things. 



in the end I was not as happy with the circlular options.  and I also did not like that our intials ended up forming words that seemed to shift the focus to a word I didnt intend.  things like MASE and SAME.  So I went with the more abstract square design.  

The shapes reminded me of stained glass. So I decided to use watercolor for the hand painted part.  


and then used newly aquired gif making skills from another class I was working on to put it all together. 




I still have lots of things to improve but really enjoyed the class and giving something new a try. 


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