Family Icons

Family Icons - student project

As this is a personal project, I had decided I wanted to make icons for each member of my immediate family. None of these listed items may mean much to anyone else, but we three really like each other, and I think I can capture us with some fun imagery.

My wife was first. She's a badass marathoner. So a lot of thine things are directly or indirectly related to running.

Family Icons - image 1 - student project

My son was a natural next progression. He is a nine year old boy, so the expected Lego and Minecraft items are included. He's also super smart, and while all dads think that, I'm sureher his boy is verified Mensa, soooo.

Family Icons - image 2 - student project

I saved myself for last, to preserve a hint of humility. 

Family Icons - image 3 - student project