Family Huarac Pinedo

There are different things that represent my family in here:

  1. Our initials surnames HP
  2. The spikes have these corners because the family business is a print house. Since i was one, my mom and dad opened the business about printing any kind of stuff, from card business to books. And both of them are nuts about any kind of paper. They love their business, and me and my sister grew in that environment . So I tried to make the spikes made of paper.
  3. The family was settle in Lima, but our relatives are from different cities here in Perú.
  4. The family pet that was with the family for 15 years was Wishbone (for the tv series). He was the younger brother, and he was ver beloved for my family. There is a secret message in his hair, did you noticed? :)
  5. The crown that Wishbone has in his head is not because he was treated like a king (okay yeah, he was sometimes) but this represents the crown that appears in the Lima shield to.

Family Huarac Pinedo - image 1 - student project

Hope you liked it!