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Courtney Cundiff

UX Designer



Family Holiday Card

I wanted to try something I wasn't completely comfortable with right off the bat. I don't think of myself as the really artistic type that can draw things. So I tried to let go of being a perfectionist and just have fun. For the class project, I decided to doodle some holiday items to make a holiday pattern for my family's annual Holiday card. 


I used my phone to take a picture of my doodles. I cropped the image above in Photoshop before opening it up in Illustrator. Instructor Shelley mentioned she liked to work in her color palette, so I looked for some holiday color inspiration on Pinterest. I found a few that I thought might look nice together, but I wasn't really sure what or how many colors I was going to use, so I gave myself quite a few options to try out.


I learned along the way, when I got to testing out other color palettes on my finished pattern, that it's really helpful to have the same number of colors in your color palette because it's easier for the colors to swap out. I was able to figure out some where the 5-color color palette looked nice when I originally used 6. Just a tip to share for others. 

I followed Instructor Shelley's steps of tracing, filling in, spacing items out, creating filler items, etc.

Here is my finished original color palette pattern.


I went through most of the color palettes and only really found a couple that I found I liked while randomly shuffling the colors. I liked this color palette originally for how the tree decorations and the presents would look like as well as having perfect colors for the holly, tree, and candy cane.


I liked how this one was still Christmas-y but somewhat muted in that it was greens and greys.


I liked this one because it was more a traditional Christmas-y color palette, but some of the items weren'y their traditional colors, like the candy cane and the tree.

I came up with a few other color variations that I liked


This one is even less traditional coloring. But I really liked how the colors worked together.


This is a slightly different variation off of the greens and greys variation I already listed. I liked this one a little better because the tree was a little lighter and the candy cane was darker. I think it had a better contrast by those colors switching.

The final one and ultimately the one I used for my actual holiday card is below.


I ended up liking this color palette better than my original because it was a little but more subtle, still traditional and more mature than all the pink in the original color palette. 

I am using just this pattern as the back of my family's annual holiday card because the front side with have a family picture and "Wishing you a wonderful holiday season" then list our all our names. So I did a variation of this pattern that is more like the card that Instructor Shelley made. Dafont was under maintenance, so I'm still looking for different fonts but I'm pretty much finished with my holiday card and wanted to share my project!



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