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Sheina Yeheskal

Graphic Designer - and Granny



Family Crest

This has been an interesting journey.

The ROPE is for my father who was in the US Navy and I was born at the Naval Hospital in San Diego.  I grew up as a Navy Brat - essentially in continual Boot Camp with VERY frequent moves. This fact has been something of a defining factor in my life. So the rope had to be there. As well as the Point Loma lighthouse in San Diego (which is the spot where Balboa stood as the first Europian to view the Pacific Ocean.

The Tower of Babel represents my husband's family who were many many generations in Bagdad, which is which is near to where Babylon or Shinar are susposed to be,  65 miles to the South. Also I though it worked well with the idea of the SD lighthouse. 

The Book, is for quite a lot of things in our family. That is how we all spend a lot of our time and most of the family are/have been teachers. My brother came for a visit and said, "I can tell this is your house - lots of books in every room. even the kitchen."

The Rose is for all the things of Beauty, Art (and Music) and Nature that is an important part of our family. 

The Motto is actually from an Israeli Army phrase (it works much better in Hebrew because so much more of it is implied). What it actually is about is that sort of daringly fearless attitude, sort of "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission" that is also part of our family. And my husband says it a lot - or used to before the kids got big and might get ideas. 

I left it in Black and White because that is also part of our family too. The kids LOVE black and my husband and I don't so much. As teen-agers I was always asking them who dieded and if they were on their way to a funeral. Kids, this is for you. 

What I have learned from this course is that I tend to think in lines as opposed to shapes.  This is something I have learned that I really need to learn to work well in Illustrator. If I had the time I might make a lot of changes.  But as I said, this method takes a lot of rethinking of my ideas. 

Thank you for a marvellous course. 




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