Family Crest: Granholm | Skillshare Projects

Jenna Leigh Tait

American Ingénue



Family Crest: Granholm

This is just a first draft - I'm working on some ideas for the Granholm side of my family - from Sweden. 


I'm still working on some ideas for the icons. Right now I have the crest done in the Swedish flag colors of blue and yellow, but I am wondering if I should incorporate some green in there as well. My great grandfather's surname Granholm was changed from Grönholm, and grön means "green." I've always associated green with my family, especially since we go camping for a family reunion every summer. 


For me, this class has been mostly about learning how to make shapes. I have never really worked in Illustrator before, so this has been a really fun experience and I am excited about what I am able to do now, even if I still feel lightyears behind everyone else.


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