Family Business

If any kind of evil is trying to put it's foot on the neck of the world, you definitely need a set of trusted armor and a brand new sword. But how do you get all that experienced and powerfull loot.

Well... That's the family business. But let's start with the basic ideas.

1. triange.

2. squire

3. crow

First thing that came to my mind after seeing this words was a triangular-crow-squire. Quite ez.


But after thinking a lot about it I decided to add some emotions to sword directly, to make him talk to squire, giving advices on cleaning and sword-caring. But then I realised, who can take care of a little sword better than his grandpa.

Some references after thinking about it)


So I present this cozy family, grandpa-armor and his grandson-sword. One is tired of countless battles and all this evil is just plain stuff for him, another one is ready to start the biggest adventure of his life, and reach that sword-lvl-80. Little guy will get some exp, while grandpa will finish his duties in his final battle.


Thanks for watching.



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