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Family Business

I'm just about to head out the door, so I'll flesh this out more when I get back.

Basically, my idea is to have a couple of kids pretending to be pirates. I'm thinking half will show what they're imagining—themselves as real pirates swordfighting on a ship—and the other half showing what they actually look like—a couple of kids dressed ridiculously with random things from around the house.

Here's my Pinterest board with a whole bunch of awesome illustrations:

Now I'm going out to enjoy the weather and do some sketching!

Update 6/13

I'll finally be scanning my sketches when I get home from work tonight. I decided that the concept I described above is a little ambitious for my first real illustration project—I'll save it for later—so I have a new concept. Inspired by the father/son pairs from Pixar's Brave (seen near the top of my Pinterest board), it's going to be a father/son pirate pair.


Aaand here's my first round of sketches. I have the basic idea and pose down, and I'm happy with the teenager's head (the bottom-right one). I think the dad still need some work, and then I'll work on the bodies.


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