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Famiglia Pezza, Milan, 1918

Hi everybody,

For my family crest i've decided to look at my grandfather's life.

His name Was Italo Pezza and was born in Milan(north Italy), in 1918 and died in Milan, in 2003.
Married with Carmen Esposito, he was a railwayman very passionate of classic guitar and music theory, he was a great guitarist, and he has handed down his passion for music and guitar, to my father and to me.

So these are the three elements/shapes i've decide to use :


_ A train, a guitar and, the Milano's Duomo.

_A fourth element used as a banner and laurel :

A pentagram .

When i think to my grandpa working in that years in Milan, i imagine a lot of smog issued by many factories around Milano and i see him in this world in Black and white, between old trains and stations.

Milano is also very famous for is fog, so also in this years is hard to discern pollution from fog ......this is why i decide to give a dark/retro character to my family crest.



When i placed the Duomo (example of gothic architecture) i decided to use a medieval/ghotic Font and that the family crest would be setted vertically, as the gothic architecture.Colors B/W with a drop of Grey.


Milano's Duomo in the fog                                                              Font : biergarten

First i tought to mix a train with a guitar and put this element in the Family crest : 



Than i decided to separate all the elements and to put them in a king of "shield", so this is my family crest :







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