Falling Water House – Frank Lloyd Wright | Skillshare Projects

Jon Lavalley

Graphic Designer/Illustrator



Falling Water House – Frank Lloyd Wright

My project was on FLW's Falling Water House. I love the geometry and unique look. I found a great illustration online that I went off of... (ORIG: http://blueberry-kid.deviantart.com/art/Fallingwater-House-212894657)



With the interest of time and not so much background in the software itself, I'm pretty happy with how it came out for it being my first animation. When it came down to animating it, I simplified it and took some more of the detailed elemets out (shrubbery on house, waterfall spashes, and lines on the windows.) It really helped me understand the graph editor and getting the result/look and feel I wanted. AE is killer.

Great class, Jake! I look forward to more classes and exploring the ones you already have up.

Here's the final:


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