Falling Hangman

The Origin of Falling Hangman

One day there was a boy. The boy was very sensitive. The boy's name was Biamu. Biamu wanted to take adventure. So, two years later, Biamu told his dad that he wanted to seek the world. " Hmm, " Biamu's dad said, " Maybe if you get a job or get rich or whatever like that, I'll be proud. " " Woo hoo! " Biamu screamed. " Start tommorrow, first thing after breakfast. " Biamu's dad said. Biamu was so excited, he didn't want to eat his dinner. The night passed, and it was the tommorrow. Biamu screamed so loud he was shocked at himself. And Biamu ate breakfast. Then, it was the start of Biamu's journey. " Careful. " Biamu's dad said. And Biamu left, running off. 20 minutes later he was out of town. Biamu wandered everywhere. He wandered all day long until he found a discovery - letters falling from the sky. Biamu started catching some letters and when he catched 50 letters, a flash of light appeared. Biamu chased the mysterious light, but it went POOF! and some weird slot thing appeared. The slot thing said, " Go to this end. Then you will create the Falling Hangman. " So Biamu did what the slot thing said to do. Someone started playing Falling Hangman! Biamu was super scared. But then he remembered something - Be brave, my son. His father had said that. So Biamu stayed calm and knew he wasn't really going to die if someone lost. The person playing Falling Hangman lost, but Biamu didn't die. Biamu really liked this Falling Hangman game home, so Biamu stayed there for years and years and years. And he lived happily ever after.