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Damon Hui





I want Fallacy to be a graphic heavy streetwear brand involving my own original artwork and incorporating satire and fallacies. I have spent a lot of time on researching on how to create the perfect streetwear brand. Thank god, I stumble onto your course, Jeff Staples.

In my opinion, we are currently in a minimalistic streetwear period. Thus, I wanted to incorporate minimalism in my first ever Fallacy printed t-shirt. I named it Fallacy first prototype, and when I say prototype I think of robots. Ultimately combining what Fallacy stands for, minimalism, and robots. I came up with this piece in a period of 3 days, and I also shaved my hair bald. I use to have an undercut but you Jeff influence me to go bald. 

The technique I wanted to use was DTG because I can utilise DTG to create my heavy gradient logo. Also, that would be the most economically and quality-wise to produce this tee. Sadly, I did not have enough time to go to the printer location. I was in no position to be willing to screen-print 1 tee or 25 tees as Fallacy is still preparing its S/S 2016 collection. So I went ahead and did heated transfer at my school but it betrayed me and f*** my logo up. Also I would like the robot to be bigger but the highest I can go is 8x11 inches. A lost is a learning experience though. I feel the same way as you Jeff about the neck labels. Those things f***ing itch me. I've removed several neck labels from higher end brands like Y-3 because I just can't stand the itch. Ultimately I did that with my tee, and I might put a neck label sometimes in the future because it just provides that aesthetic. Instead I wanted to do a direct to garment label but I wasn't able to. I really wanted to just marker medium and Fallacy. 

The words in the robot head are  I'm not a robot. I'm a human. I must get an education. I must get a job. I must socialize, I must love and hate. I must live and die. I'm not a human? <-/As the robot bugs out into insanity. Satire of how us human live our life like robots. Do something new and different.  





If I were able to print my neck label, this is the print I wanted to do. The statement underneath is a satire that describes how people use abnormal words like fallacy that make them sound more intelligent. Hence that's somewhat fallacy definition. 



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