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Fall of the Sun


The views you are afforded in this part of the country are incredible. So many early mornings on our dock I find myself looking at the Chilkat Range, wishing I could stay, still wiping the sleep from my eyes, and stare at them forever. Nineteen hours of bright sun later, I realize that you almost can. There isn't much dark around Alaska in the summer. I lived in Douglas for almost a month before I saw my first quasi-sunset. You love the light, but you appreciate its absence. This is reason enough to dance around pillars of flame and celebrate darkening skies. With the fall of the sun came the rise of the fire and we made the best of each one we were a part of.


An additional level of unique to nights out on the Inside Passage is seeing late night cruise departures. These grand vessels follow each other up and down the Alaskan coast, offerring protected routes through some of our country's most wild and unpredictable stretches of land. It's hard to ignore the immensity of difference between your position and theirs. Our last minute decisions don't match their minute to minute itineraries. We don't require close toed shoes to to eat our burned marshmallows. I'm positive getting lost in the woods is not on their list of guided tours. I look at that sunset they're sailing into and know I'm happier on this side of the shore. I'll take the golden hour's soft light over their florescent glow any day of the week. 


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