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Fall in Zion

When you live in Las Vegas, sometimes a trip into nature is a necessity for sanity sake.  Zion National Park is only a three hour drive north in to Utah and always calls to me in the fall. This trip was spontaneous as my daughter and I packed three dogs into the car around noon and took off. The cool thing was when we arrived in the park the sun was beginning to set and the lighting was beautiful.

There were many gorgeous shots that day but the one I focused on for the assignment was of the Virgin River from a bridge.  Just to set the scene, as I walked up to the bridge armed with my Iphone 5S, there was a crowd of about 10 serious photographers on the bridge bundled with all kinds of expensive equipment.  I had "a moment" but recovered by reminding myself  that we're all here to learn and have fun.

I took many shots starting out with the native camera and then tried the Average Cam Pro App using the railing as an ad-hoc tripod. I noticed the water was smoother and the colors were brighter using Average Cam App.

In the next iterations I lightened the left side of the image in Snapseed with selective adjustment. I then used VSCO preset E2 set to level 9. 

After playing with several more versions of the image in Snapseed and VSCO (J6 preset, orange tint in shadows, Sharpening and Structure levels to 3, increasing Warmth and Saturation), I ended up here:

I am very excited about all I learned from this class and I am definately hooked!


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