Fall Outfit

To be quite honest, I completely agree with fit, I never really noticed until I joined the military how baggy some of my clothes were, and when I finally did notice I started finding it very uncomfortable. The clothes I have in my picture are all my own, so thankfully I didn't have to go through the trouble of online searching or purchasing. What I chose for my fall outfit is very simple, and it fits very well (I was a little surprised just how well). I chose a darker outfit since it would be easier to match, and the pieces are described below:

Pants: Slim Bootcut Rocco Jean - $80

I started off with these pants simply because they are very comfortable, and they are a dark grey which can go with any other darker color that I had.


Shirt: Obey T-shirt - $24

Unfortunately the only solid color t-shirts I have are White, and military green. Naturally I had to choose a graphic shirt. The one I chose I feel works best, it's a lighter grey than the rest of the outfit, and the graphic isn't too distracting in my opinion, and the shirt fits very well.


Blouse: Checkered Fitted Western Yoke Shirt - $53

I took this blouse as an overshirt because I feel it complimented the outfit. The checkered grey and black matches the two tone scheme I have going on. Also, the shirt fits well, and I even rolled up the sleeves, and left it unbuttoned to represent a warmer fall day.


Shoes: Vans Checkerboard Slip ons - $49


I find vans to be very comfortable, and these particular pair have lasted me 4 years and are still holding strong. The shoes I chose complete the outfit, and I say that because they are grey and black checkered just like the blouse, lightweight, and comfortable for a nice casual feel. 

I wanted to go for a comfortable casual look without being too complicated, and I think I accomplished that with my choices. I'm open for critiquing, and as I always say: Please Examine And Critique Honestly (or P.E.A.C.H.)


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