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Fall Out Boy "Save Rock and Roll"


*comments/suggestions always welcome even after Final!


The colors seem more saturated on the jpeg above, not sure why. Looking forward to feedback!


Colors might change and so might the placement of the album title and band name, but this should be the final setup.


I'm really liking the russian doll concept, since those dolls look innocent yet kind of eerie, like they have secrets to hide. But to make it really FOB, something transgressive has to be inside as a surprise, so I was thinking matches because there's a lot of imagery of fire and "lighting up" on the new album.


Band: Fall Out Boy

Album: Save Rock and Roll

Music: Alternative, Rock, Pop

Fall Out Boy has been one of my favorite bands since their inception in 2001. They just released their first album "Save rock and Roll" after taking a 4-year hiatus; before that they released four studio albums with a few EPs/B-sides in between. I'll be redesigning their album cover for "Save Rock and Roll" because the current album cover is a beautiful photograph of two children standing together, but I want to re-imagine it with heavy emphasis on illustration and graphic design.

Current "Save Rock and Roll" album cover:

I've listened to the album completely more times than I can count, hah, and while FOB is a very different band now than they were before the hiatus, they still maintained their signature in-your-face attitude with cheeky lyrics, brilliant unique vocals, and dark yet catchy melodies. This album feels very "f*ck you" and confident with powerful songs like "The Phoenix" and "The Mighty Fall." The album also shows FOB's signature dark side, but with a very different twist. They aren't the sad boys next door with a 'tude problem anymore—or, rather, they're still those boys, but those boys have grown up and are more confident in their abilities and damn sure they can kick your ass.

I want to show the confidence in the album cover design, while keeping a specific style of their previous album covers. All the previous covers shoved their dark side to the forefront, but added lighter details using color or quirky objects/actions. I want to do the same thing, but draw upon lyrics/images from the album. I have a specific idea for a phoenix covering half of someone's face, the wing extending over the eye of the face, and the face painted with "war paint," drawing upon the lyrics from the song "The Phoenix." I also like the images of grenades, hearts, volcanoes, etc from the album. Just ideas, so we'll see the others I can come up with.


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