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Fall Love

Phase 1:

I'm going to be doing mine based on fall. I'm currently working on my Fall Love QAL (quilt-a-long) patterns and am looking to improve my images to hopefully get more followers / sales / reposts. 

So far I'm learning lots of good tips! I really like the idea of keeping a specific box full of props.

Also, there's going to be far more colors in my images due to the nature of what they are - bright and colorful quilt / sewing / applique / hand embroidery projects. So I'm thinking that it might be best to use either a wood background - simple, organic and most of the time my background fabric that I'm making the project on is white. And I'll also just pick one color from within my project to highlight and use props in that color only rather than try to be all matchy matchy with the range of colors within my project. This one Fall Love quilt blocks, for example, has 14 different fabrics and black embroidery thread. 


This is the current main image I have for this block - which I'm not happy with - which is why I'm here. :-) I'm wondering how it will look laid out on the wood background with a scattering of fall leaves and maybe a few fall flowers - orange sunflowers maybe?

If anyones is curious, you can find me at @clothandpaperstudio on IG.

Eagerly awaiting Phase 2.

A brief addition to Phase 1:

Currently I'm also working on Floral Fairies BOM (block of the month) in both an applique and hand embroidered version. I'm not happy with those photos either and hoping to redo the ones I've already done and make my upcoming ones nice. 

This is one of the main images of one of the embroidery blocks that I'm using... 


Here's another


These are a couple of the images that I'm using for the applique version



Here's my thoughts regarding those. The embroidery ones are going to be turned into individual mini quilts (as seen in the 2nd image with the writing). I'm thinking I need to finish those completely prior to taking pictures. I like the idea of pairing the Floral Fairies with natural elements. I'm debating between laying them on the grass or if I want to bring them inside and photograph them on a wood background... Either way, I'm thinking of adding some flowers to the images as well. I'm thinking a little grouping of 3 in one top corner and a single flower down in the bottom opposite corner... But I'm not really set on either idea. Suggestions are very welcome!!! 

Phase 2:

Today I'll be working on gathering up items for my props box. Aside from fall leaves and flowers, I'm thinking some of my sewing / crafting supplies would look good as well. However, they are not something I would keep in the props box as I use them on a regular basis. 


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