Laura Nikiel

illustrator & designer



Fall Leaf Berry Pattern


I've added a 2nd pattern, I was able to create the half drop by column repeat. Very simple, my 1st half drop and I'm so excited to have learned how to do this! Thanks Mel, I can not wait to design more half drop repeat patterns! I could never have done this without Project Paras (and Mel's class of course! :) )

I started playing around with project Paras after watching Mel's class. I used my watercolor icons I hand painted and scanned in. I found using the Paras extension was fun and easy! I love it. This is a sample grid pattern, I created it within an hour or so. This extension really speeds up the process..yeah!! This pattern is not perfect, but a good start. I have not tried the drop repeat yet, but will give that a go too. I was able to merge the layers and define the pattern. Thank you so much Mel for introducing this new Photoshop extension! I love your work and I'm so inspired by your classes!


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