Susan Harrington

Lavender Grower and Artist



Fall Channel Challenge

UPDATE: September 14, 2016

Having completed my first class on Skillshare, a new adventure begins. So now the decision is to make another lavender related craft or pursue an art class.


1. Do we make a sunset at sea with rice paper and watercolor?


2. Or would you prefer a watercolor landscape sphere?



Class #1

Backyard Lavender Farm: Weave a Lavender Wand


With just two yards of ribbon and nine stems of fragrant lavender you can make a magical lavender wand that will remain fragrant for years.

Lavender festivals across the country promote workshops on creative uses of lavender stems. Lavender wands were often made by the women of the Victorian era and the popularity of these fragrant crafts has had a resurgence. They make a great hostess gift anytime of the year. And imagine the presentation as a decoration on a bridal or baby shower gift.



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