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Fall Channel Challenge - 3rd class

On Sunday September 4th I published my first class for this challenge.

It is the 4th class of my Forex Basics series. This time I am talking about psychology of trading and mindset which you will win with.

Here is Premium link: http://skl.sh/2bMjSDZ
And Free link: http://skl.sh/2cz2tkX

On Wednesday September 28th I published my second class for this challenge.

It is the 5th class in my Forex Basics series. And this time I am talking about money-management rules, which help you to stay in the game.

Premium link: http://skl.sh/2dacWlk
Free link: http://skl.sh/2dsalAB

On Wednesday October 12th my third class was published.

I got back to where I started and created a class about learning. This time I speak about how to learn according to your learning style. I am planning to make a series about learning called Effective Learning where I would talk about how to learn, how to focus properly, where to learn etc.

Premium Link: http://skl.sh/2dYh71k
Free Link: http://skl.sh/2dwGPcJ

I am planning to continue in Forex series. However I've been thinking about getting back to the groove and create class about learning. My first class on Skillshare is about free e-learning sources (here) and I now I would like to teach about styles and types of learning.

My second idea is to create a class about productivity, which would cover minimalism, concentration, apps for to-do lists and tracking time etc. 


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