Fake Sportsball Team Logo(s)

Fake Sportsball Team Logo(s) - student project

Fake Sportsball Team Logo(s) - image 1 - student project
I busted out a dozen of these sorts of things a while back for a dude who wanted unique header graphics/etc. on the web portal of a fantasy football league he was running.  Of the twelve, IMO a solid 6 or 8 of them are probably strong enough designs to actually be used for legit branding. 

I grabbed a few back then and mocked up uniforms, secondary logos, shirts, etc. just for the hell of it.  Never really took it any further, as work/wife/etc. always seemed to get nuts and I pretty much had them shoved out of my brain.  Watching this class reminded me of them all, and I started to root out files.

Fake Sportsball Team Logo(s) - image 2 - student project
I've always meant to clean this primary one up a little bit and see about getting it legit embroidered onto hats.   I had looked into it super, super briefly right after I designed the set, but quickly tapped the brakes cuz what I could find was pricey as hellllllll.

Jeff R.