Fairy tale Character


Hi everyone,

This is my first participation on skillshare. I hope I will do everything correctly. Looking forward to read your feedbacks and ideas!


1. Identify possible fairytales to illustrate
List the top 2-3 that excite you
1. Barbe bleu (Blue Beard) by Charles Perrault
2. Dame Trude (Frau Trude) by the Grimms brothers

2. Possible characters to illustrate
List two interesting options for each (a. & b.)
1a. Barbe-bleue 
1b. The two brothers

2a. The witch 
2b. The young girl 

3. Possible settings
Identify a setting for each fairytale

1. early 1900 - in a circus 2.Modern days

4.Choose the fairy tale, character and setting you will illustrate

I choose the option 1a for the character to ilustrate because I'm way more enthusiastic to work on this idea. Moreover, the circus theme is something I always wanted to work on. So, I'm really looking forward to move on the next step!