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Fairy Meadow

Last year I dabbed a little more seriously into designing fabric (I had always wanted to but I was fairly intimidated, seemed so daunting) and I suprisingly had so much fun doing it that this year I decided to truly focus on it, hence me taking this class (which was so good!) I already followed Elizabeth's work and frequently buy her fabrics for my quilts. Such a boon to have a freaking awesome designer teach you.


I loved the creating mood boards step, I do this every time for my illustrations and other projects but I skipped it for this fabric collection (totally broke the rules, I know) because I had a clear picture in my head and although I Pinterested quite a bit I couldn't point my finger to something that truly captured what I intended. It seemed more efficient to just go at it and let the cards fall where they may, so to speak.


I started by painting some botanical elements on my watercolor sketch pad. I literally just painted what came natually and my flowers are probably not accurate to nature but I really liked the idea of a magical and whimsical world (like a fairyland) in which nature became animated, flowers had cute faces, etc. I was thinking organic, ethereal, pastels, peach and complementary palettes that feel soothing to me. 

And I'm probably crazy but I sort of feel the color I want for the season. It's super clear to me. For instance, last spring I felt it should be sunny but not too bright, like one of those subtle ray of lights at dawn so used a very light pale yellow as the base and complemented it with coral and mint. (You can click here to see my fabric swatches from last year.)

Then I cleaned the sketches in Photoshop and layered the items so I could rearrange them individually as I pleased.  


I came up with my hero print "Fairy Meadow":


Then I did my secondary fabric swatches:



(Picture on left is of my Botanique Vert print and the on on the right is my Fairy Meadow - Peach)

And I did 3 more but they are just color variations (all white background instead of a color fill). It was sooo much fun! I actually enjoyed myself while designing fabric. Who would've thought? I mostly work on children's books, illustrations and graphic design work but it felt so liberating. 

Here's the promo I made for my fabric collection, I think it pretty much sums it up. Happy, ethereal, peach and cute. I wish my daughter was little and I could use this for her nursery. My kids are older now but I do have a toddler and I'm working on a boy's collection for him next.  

Thank you so much for this class! It helped me refine my skills and although I still have a looooong way to go, I have a much better understanding and I loved the tips I got on how to make the repeat patterns for vectors. Now, I'm off to create!

- Gina


I printed the fabrics and they turned out gorgeous! I am so happy to have taken this class, great tips and I learned so much! 



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