Sarah Meeks

Strategist/Beta Invite Giver



Fairness Algorithm

SeeqIt is creating a fairness algorithm so it's easier to find your business online. Launching 01/2013.



Determine the One Metric That Matters for You:

  • Traffic, being a web based startup we must have viable traffic. *Invalidated*
  1. Cannot test until site is live
  2. The Validation Board assisted with our marketing plan however with which marketing efforts to execute first and determine minimum success criterion 
  • The second greatest assumption: Searchers prefer our results method. *Validated*
  1. After displaying mockups of several searches next to competition, the majority selected SeeqIt's through exploration. 
  2. They wanted to be made aware of what other businesses are in the area and not necessarily the one with the largest advertising budget. 


About SeeqIt

Technology: Fairness algorithm that ensures visibility for clients

Design: User friendly and advertisement free so your potential clients are not distracted 

Pricing: Annual rate, includes coupon creation system and referral method to grow your business, blog or fanbase. 


Would love to connect and have a few beta invites left for small businesses, bloggers and musicians. 







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