Fair Winds & Following Seas

Fair Winds & Following Seas - student project

I’ve dabbled in graphic design before, but never seriously. My background is more in finance/marketing, but I’ve always had a passion for creating my designs/concepts on tees and having people around the world representing and wearing them.

I’m an avid sailor and love everything about sailing & boats (I love searching online till I find my dream sailboat....when I get the money). So my concepts for my tees are going to be centered on sailboats & nautical symbols. The goal is for the designs to be simple/clean/and clear. I tend to gravitate more towards 2D designs using fairly simple outlines of objects. 

- Simple and elegant
- Use of only 2 colors
- Represent images/symbols with use of any text
- Only use the front of the tees
- Only design the image in a imaginary box infront of the tee.