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Fair Sophistication

Selecting the text: I chose to adapt "Sophistication" from Winesburg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson.

I thought about incorporating elements from "Death" and "Departure" as well, to complete, and provide background on George (the main character)'s story. However, I instead chose to focus on the coming of age love story between George and Helen that is "Sophistication." By narrowing my concept to just that excerpt, I think it keeps the story intense and full of meaning.

As most short films are, my script is meant for a film that is heavily visual, relying on looks and unsaid words - feelings. I hope I made an adequate attempt to convey that. 

The Script: 


This is a rough copy, just what I have written now. I do plan on making edits to it (even if they don't make it on here because of the deadline!).

Logline: On the night of the county fair, former lovers, George and Helen rekindle their teenage romance, learning about maturity and what it really means to grow up.


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