Fair Observer-The first truly global media company that the world has seen.

Fair Observer-The first truly global media company that the world has seen. - student project

Media has always had a duty to society to inform and to educate. At a time of growing globalization, it is failing in this duty. There is a real crisis in the media world with increasingly fewer sources of information that are reliable and reputable. Sensationalism, poor analysis and a lack of context proliferate leading to poorly informed citizens.

Fair Observer aims to inform and educate, and fulfill its duty to society.

Most societies are becoming more multicultural, the world is increasingly interconnected and yet mainstream media is still ethnocentric. It shuts out valuable perspectives and gives a monochromatic view based on nationality or ideology. For the first time, the Internet is making it possible for citizens to have conversations with each other and set the agenda. Fair Observer is leading the charge to create a truly global dialogue.

Fair Observer is a media platform that focuses on analysis and not news – why is something happening and not what is happening is the question that we seek to answer. To answer this why, we provide a plurality of perspectives from around the world, what we call a 360° view.

Fair Observer is the first truly global media company that the world has seen.

Simple Version-

  1. Students/Teachers
  2. Immigrants 
  3. Critical of Media

    Selfish reasons why they would get their friends to check you out:

    1. Students and Teachers- Want to show their classmates they are into underground information and are reading things different than their classmtes. 
    2. Immigrants- Want to connect with action to their home country and show off to their community a new perspective that big media might have missed.
    3. Critical of Media- Want to show off to their friends that there are other sources for story telling out there. And since it's a niche community they will go out of their way to share anything edgy and new.

      List of all things you can charge each group

      1. Students/Teachers- Can not contribute or access larger text until they invite 10 friends on Facebook OR Can not read until they twitt they are reading that article OR can not continue on to second page until they comment OR we will make them country packages with links to readings each contributor did to write the article and send them the PDF at their request for $13.99.
      2. Immigrants- Same as above AND can not read on until they provide a link, sharing a cultural component such as a link to another article they read OR a clip they watched. This builds SEO and crowdsources inspiration sharing. 
      3. Critical of Media- Same as above

******Complicated Version*********************************************************************************************************

1-    All major players in the Fair Observer ecosystem:

  1. 16-17
    1. AP student types in High School

                                  i. Organize some of our contributors who be willing to teach a class or become part-   time tutors for some of these folks who want to become better writers, researchers or want to get an edge as professionals.

                                  ii. They can teach classes on Skillshare or become pseudo “Account Managers” of 5-6 students and track their progress through their last year of high school.

  1. These “Account Managers” can charge but perhaps this would be a great resume builder for the “Account Managers” and allow them to do some self-promotion and marketing research.
  2. So perhaps we can charge the “Account Managers” for giving them access to top notch data base of our AP students around the world so they can pay us to teach. In the beginning you got to give a little to get some more later.
  3. Plus we can match up German, English, Indian, Chinese and other students interested in a topic to team up for a year work on a project, assigned by the Account Manager. This will build their Online Collaboration skills so necessary for the next generation.
  4. The Account Manager can act as a manager and tell the students that he will sell the results of this project to an org and each student will get this much out of it. S/he should make this explicit after group cohesion is built up after a month or so and use this incentive as an inspiring add on.  Who knows maybe these kids will become future partners in a year and they won’t forget who put them together.
    1. Email to department heads
    2. Micro Blog, Collaborative Group sites (Google Group, Facebook Group)
    3. Twitter # and @ communication will create virality just going back and forth.
    4. 18-24
      1. Students

                                               i.     Journalism

                                              ii.     Social Sciences

                                            iii.     Global Studies

  1. We can ask our prominent contributors and advisors to host webinars and charge these students to get a face to face or small group rate to pick their brains and rub shoulders with them.
  2. Then they will write reports on this and tell their teachers and the teachers will look it up, find it cool and that’s how our webinar business will become more crowded.
    1. Email students
    2. Tweet students
    3. 30+
      1. Fathers in their mid 30’s who are looking to get a different perspective, and an edge on their friends who consume CNN and main stream.

                                               i.     Tell us your demographic and location information and we will work with local groups they can get involved with on Meetup.com.

                                              ii.     We can find out how much value we brought Meetup and work towards a potential partnership. Where they will provide us with personalized meetings and we will gather them crowds.

  1. Mothers whose kids are 8 or 9 who have more time now and want a bit of world knowledge along with their daily life management tasks.

                                               i.     Tell us your demographic and location information and we will work with local coupon services to see you daily deals at your local stores.

                                              ii.     We can sell data to these sites and work with various vendors to see what the value of promotion was for them.

  1. Recent PhD’s or TA’s who are looking for an edge and refreshment either for conversations with colleagues or with for their classes.

                                               i.     If a TA reads an excerpt of a contributor or advisor he likes, he can get a discount from us to get access to the journal publication of the larger text.

                                              ii.     We can then calculate how much value we brought to that contributor or advisor in their publishing sales.

  1. 50+
    1. Retirees, who want to see great initiatives and to give fresh advice to their mentees and since CNN and NYT is being prescribed by all the others, Fair Observer and Cowbird are good resources since they raise empathy.

                                               i.     Senior discounts on books.

                                              ii.     Value will be calculated from vendors and publishers.

  1. Local Internationals
    1. Immigrants in our key countries (US, UK , Germany and India) who want to share with their communities that it’s not always what the demos prescribes and that there are different perspectives out there.

                                               i.     We will allow these guys to follow the figures they admire on a new platform and host any activity of that contributor with that group and sponsor each Contributor with a brand of their choice.

                                              ii.     Allow coupons to be published via location and give context n the price locally and internationally, their stock value and expert business perspective on that brand. Who knows, maybe if some contributor chooses Virgin Airlines and people read the news about it right there, they will feel comfortable to buy some shares. We can link financial institutions sites who partner with us to help people get that transaction going.

                                            iii.      We can charge the financial advisors referral fee.

                                            iv.      The promotions will be “Sponsored Deals”

  1. Refugees who find solace in the initiative of democratic media.
  2. Veterans who have met all kinds of walks of life during service, know that big media is not always honest and looking for more wisdom and diversity.

                                               i.     Apply your coupons here.

                                              ii.     We ask them what they need to buy and refer them to the product.

                                            iii.     We need to make partnerships with retailers who are finally coming around the idea of treating veterans with dignity.

                                            iv.     Walmart, Safeway, Wholefoods and Trader Joes will be competing to out do each other.

  1. Critical ones
    1. Critics
    2. Activist groups
    3. Bitchers and moaner communities who have forums or twitters with large following.

                                               i.     Put 3-4 critics into a webinar and have them argue on a topic. Bring the contributor in.

                                              ii.     Ask for even-even from the webinar hosting service if we guarantee x amount to webinars.

                                            iii.     Or charge attendees after a while and start paying for the services. TBD

  1. Global Minded ones
    1. Orgs with either a global peace or conflict. They have a position and Fair Observer offers either fairness or unfairness, which is both conversation generators.

                                               i.     Buy a sweater and 50% of your purchase will go to an org of your choice.

                                              ii.     Walking billboards.

  1. Travellers
    1. Tourist and tourist orgs that want to learn and educate their community with fresh/insider perspective so they know where they are going, before they get there.
    2. Couch surfers who are modern day sophists and travel around learning from each other and the world and connect through knowledge prescriptions. Ex. Bob: You should check this out. Timmy: Ok definitely man thanks. I will. You should check this out.
    3. Caravans of religious missionary types or leisure, such as Mecca trips or cruise lines who want to learn insider perspective before they go so they have an edge.

                                               i.     Pay us to be a travelling sponsor for our articles on various regions.

                                              ii.     After a certain amount of conversation has gathered you are allowed to put our a promotional ad and contact info of an agent (tailored and personalized locally) to try to organize trips, using our crowd.

Nima Moinpour

Engagement/Development Strategy