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Failure to Fail

My greatest failure has ben my lack of failure.

I'm not saying that I've passed everything I've set out to do with flying colors.  I have failed - more often than I liked.

If failure is defined as projects that we start that don't turn out how we want them to, or how they "should", I haven't failed very often.

If I change the definition to include things that we intend to start, but don't for various reasons - most often is fear of some sort - I have failed more than most people that I know.

Most of my failures have not been what I didn't do well.  The majority of my failures consist of what I didn't do at all (or not as much as I could have).

For example, I've been wanting to start a business for over ten years now (maybe closer to 15).  Theoretically, I probably know more about entrepreneurship than a lot of MBA's and business owners.  I still haven't started my own.  FAIL.

Wanting to reduce body fat, but not taking simple actions to make it happen.  FAIL.

Not doing a better job of managing my finances, so that (a lack of) money is an issue in more decisions than it should be.  FAIL.

Giving in to the moment so that it feels like momentary issues at work are big enough to prevent me from spending time with my family.  FAIL.

By taking a little time to look at things, I have realized that failing isn't only what I did wrong.  I also includes what I didn't do.  Failure by omission is worse than failure by commission.  This is important to know.  WIN

I'm afraid I will continue my pattern of avoiding failure.  FAIL - if I allow the pattern to continue / WIN: if I recognize the pattern and try new things, knowing that I will fail at times, in order to improve.

Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. Leave a legacy.

Note:  I intentionally left out a project image, since the majority of my failures cocsist of avoidance.


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