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Failed Impromptu Hailstorm Shoot

For the first whole week of this class, I was having trouble finding both a model and time to shoot outdoors.

This friend of mine (Roman) and I were watching NBA playoffs when all of a sudden hailstorm viciously attacked our town. Naturally, I grabbed my camera, and then we thought it would be a cool idea to go drive in the storm. Then it hit me, I could use this opportunity to use this as my project. Unfortunately, by the time we got to a photo-worthy landscape, the storm ended, and the sun was out. After a half hour from the beginning of the storm, you couldn't tell a storm even occured (crazy PNW weather for you). Nonetheless, I decided to follow through with the shoot due to the incredible clouds still lingering.


Given my rusty experience behind a camera and Roman's lack of modeling experience, we were both immediately drawn to the little amphitheater that was at this park. I had to edit the lighting just a tad, but I actually liked the natural contrast provided by the stone and current light. Added a slight vingette.

Further behind the amphitheater was a rather vast field. We knew it was cliche, but we felt we had to, if only for kicks and giggles:


Honestly, I spent far too much time on this photo just messing around with the colors and tones. There are far too many possibilities for choice of feel it could put off. I debated a long time whether or not to post a B&W edit, but I ultimately liked this edit best.

Turning around, there is actually a lake across the street from this park area. The lake landscape was actually the whole intent for this project (hailstorm aside), but unfortunately I did not get nearly as good of shots as I thought I would. Though you could hardly tell there is a lake at all in this next photo (covered by the trees, the clouds were breathtaking:


I didn't want the editting for this project to be completely copy+paste, but I did want there to be a common flow (possibly a sense that something like a storm just happened or is still looming). Hopefully I achieved that.

Any critiques are completely welcome! I am still deciding which to post on my instagram, so any suggestions would help as well. :)

IG: joshua.ryan


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