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Fail again, Fail better

Feb 3, 2016

I have been trucking along collecting all of the open loops that I an remember- and some inspired me to remember past loops previous forgotten. I had started to create them into to do lists organized slightly by project, but mostly by Area of Responsibility. I will say that one that that confuses me, do we keep the folders in evernote for Projects and Areas of Resposibility or do we merge them at some point into stacks? I am wishing that I had Things right now, as I feel like it shows the to dos in one page, and allows you to see them organized by project and Area. Anyone else trying to make this work in evernote?

Jan 12, 2016

The past 3 days I have spent collecting my open Loops and acting the ones that I am able to get to immediately. I started with a long list of open loops:


After a while it got hard to find items that I had done, I started listing things multiple times, and I got a little anxious, I am not going to lie. So today I took a little bit of time to organize them by broad categories:


I reviewed the containers that I had attempted to set up during my first and incomplete attempt. I reflect how important it is to have those as a support basis for tasks. During my time spent jotting down my open loops, I was shocked and amazed at how many things "came up out of no where" during that time- No wonder I felt like I never got to the important stuff when all these mini fires crop up out of nowhere!

Jan 9, 2016

Once upon a time, with the best of intentions, I registered for this class. And through no fault of the class, I didn't finish. Part of me feels that this is owing to: 1) my own lack of discipline (and being an open ended class I don't have deadlines), 2) I didn't quite want change 3) I got overwhelmed. I am finally at a point where I can recognize that sometimes I set myself up for failure by creating improbable to do lists fo each day, and thus knowing that I am not going to make it, I let my perfectionism get the best of me- therefore I don't do anythin. So productive, I know.

This year, I have better hopes for myself. I have grown a lot, and I want to change and am willing to put in the work and effort. Two things that have helped me in relaunching the campaign, are using the morning brain dumps in conjuction with bullet journaling. I color code tasks that appear in the brain dump, and import them into my bullet journal accordingly.


I retook the test, just to see what the past 2 years have done. I can't decide whether or not I have gotten worse, or if I have just become more honest with myself... But hey, its a step in the right direction.


And now onto gathering all of those open loops!


Dec 12, 2013

Every year, I set off with great intentions of the things that I am going to acomplish. I create elaborate plans in my mind, and hold onto those to do lists. Even the simplist of grocery lists or chore lists suddenly becomes a 5 year plan. And it is exhausting. Even more exhausting is not accomplishing all of those things, because they seem to weigh down. I came here, because I was finally willing to admit that trying to do it my own way was just simply not getting it done. It incredibly reassuring to know that I am not alone in needing assistance, so "Hello Fellow Classmates!"

I chose the Voltaire quote, because often times (read all the time) I let perfectionism get in the way of taking any action. I found the image here. (Finding the image somehwere else, and not procrastinating on making it myself was a huge personal step for me. Yay!) I chose the "Fail again, Fail Better" quote because I want to break myself of the habit of thinking that only perfect projects work. I have consistently learned better life lessons out of "failures" than I have when things immediately work out, therefore I try not to consider them failures.

The diagnostic test results:


I think the reason that my To Do is only "Meh" is that once I have a plan, I generally can act. According to this it is Phase 4 that really seems to gum up the works. I am really looking forward to improving on this, so that I can get a move on with my portfolio in order to return to school and switch careers!

Dec 16, 2013

I felt that since I answered on the questionnaire, that I would have no problem showing people my organization system, that I should put my money where my mouth is. I keep my digital files relatively well maintained and regularly empty my email inbox (I could actively unsusbscribe from junk email though- just put that on the loops list.) Here is a sample of where I am at on my own with my computer:


My physical desk, on the other hand, is a complete disaster, and I do hesitate showing it to people. But fair is fair. Often times I like to use the excuse of being a "messy artist" as a justification of the state of my little desk studio. While I do sprawl when in the grips of creating, when I don't clean back up it deters me from projects later on. Below is the state of affairs:


I spent the last few days cleaning and organizing my desk so that I would have no reason (read excuse) not to sit at my desk and work on Getting Things Done. Here is how it is now:


and here is my new inbox :D


Next step: writing down all of my empty loops. It could take a while, I have a tendecy to remember too many things from way too long ago. I really do feel like the computer with my RAM being used on worthless things. (It also reminds me of the episode of Sherlock, where he says he deleted the knowledge of the solar system because it took up too my valuable room.)


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