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Fail Better Hand Lettering

I am moving very slowly through this course, {insert excuses about family, work, and home responsibilities here...} but I am SO excited to be doing it! Here is my list of words I came up with after deciding on my quote. It is my favorite quote, it first came to me as a poster after one of my biggest professional failures when I was first starting out on my own, and it's been an inspiration to me ever since!

I've been watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire lately, so I think that may have been why I was drawn to 1920s design style; the old billboards, the early days of "mass marketing" and advertising, like you would see on the boardwalk in Atlantic City and what not. The quote also had sort of a masculine feel to me, probably because it sounded like something my father would say to me, so I started thinking of things like cuff links and pommade. I also love the poster declaring the woman that has registered to vote, and that strong typography and design that is along the same lines of what I'm feeling. I think it goes so beautifully with the other slim, decorative fonts that have that sort of ornate flair I was looking for to juxtapose against the boldness. 

I am very much looking forward to the next unit in this class!! :)


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