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Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury

I decided to choose Fahrenheit 451 because I just finished reading it. It's a pretty profound book and stragely prophetic. But The themes I kind of  simmered on were the futuristic city, flamethrowers, and of course, books. Here are my sketches so far. I would welcome feed back :)!!! I'm a complete novice so I need all the help I can get. This first one I thought about using a flamethrower and the flames flowing up kind of like a fleur de lis...what do you guys think?? 

There is another option in the bottom photo of the "B" looking kind of like a skyscraper with flames flowing up...





OK...here is my first go at it. I kind of like it..But I feel like the gun could be a little too low budget scyfy-esch..and maybey its overly simple...What do yall think?? Any ways you think I could make this better??



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