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Fahrenheit 451

I've chosen Fahrenheit 451 because it is a book near and dear to my heart. I fell in love with the book in high school and sort of fell into reading Dystopian novels after reading this one.

Fahrenheit 451's protagonist, Guy Montag, is a firefighter who starts fires to burn books since they are considered illegal to possess in the future society that the novel is set in. Besides Montag's inner-turmoil at home with his ambivalent wife, he struggles against his own curiousity to know what is dangerous about books, and the Chief Fire Captain Warren Beatty. Montag is also threatened by the equivalent of the fire house dalmatian, a mechanical beast known as "The Mechanical Hound" which can chase down a human and quickly kill them. All in all, a pretty awesome read.

Some of the themes of the book:

• Expenditure of human life

• Search for meaning of life

• The value of books and the lessons they impart to society

• The breakdown of society, and creativity with the loss of literature.

• Fear of over-dependence on technology.

• Loss of humanity/empathy due to "always being connected" to the t.v. or radio
(remember this was written way before smart phones, etc.)


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