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Fading flowers

This course reminded me once again that simple things (like ellipses) can be transformed into something surprising and lovely. I once had a math instructor that reminded us that even the most advanced mathematics is based on 4 basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Helen has help me see that art and design often begins with the most basic of shapes, but, with effort (and lots of starting over) can become something much more.

My project is pretty rough. I feel like the text doesn't pop like it should (a contrast problem, I think). But, it shows that I've got the basic idea of creating scatter brushes from basic shapes.

The project is a comment on the fading of Summer and the approach of Fall, which means our flowers are fading fast, and sometimes carried away on the wind. Based on what I learned in some of Helen's previous courses, I included a texture that reminded me of Fall, and included some flourishes from the Nymphette font used in a previous project.

My take-aways from this class:

  • Being able to take a simple shape, and push and pull the anchor points to create an entirely new shape is awesome. I'm coming to love Illustrator more and more.
  • Like any software application I use on a daily basis, Illustrator has capabilities I've never seen demonstrated. This course reminded me to every tool or operation as far more flexible and malleable than I expect. Ergo: More experimentation and discovery.  :-)  Yay!
  • I wonder if I fully appreciate the differences in how layers in Illustrator function compared to Photoshop.

As usual, many thanks to Helen for coming up with a topic that appears simple on the surface, but suggests hidden depths as you progress.




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