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For my project, I will be drafting an F for Charles Bukowski's Factotum.  I am very excited as this has been a favorite of mine for quite some time.  I know the characters very well and I have quite a few bad ideas that I am working on turning into good ones!

Decided Upon Sketch:

So below is my sketch (obviously I am no master sketcher), but my idea is to create an "F" shaped beer mug to be behind Bukowski's doppleganger Henry Chinaski, the main Character.  Also, I have a slew of ideas, but we shall see how they all fit.  I have the Los Angeles Skyline etched into the top part of the mug to look as if it were etched into the glass, smoke coming out to accentuate the top of the F, a blue collar shirt to accentuate the fact that Factotum literally means a man with many jobs, a race track flyer under his arm which will be kind of an homage for anyone who has read it, but it could also be construed as a newspaper as he would constantly read the classifieds during the book.  Also, I had to include a typewriter as well as a black sparrow on the brim to illustrate the strong connection between Bukowski and Black Sparrow Press.  The final nuance is the beer filling only half of the glass...for reasons I'm sure I don't have to describe.  I'll be working my butt off on this, hope it looks great (at least a whole lot better than the sketch).  


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