Facing the Evil King (Update)

Facing the Evil King (Update) - student project

Facing the Evil King (Update) - image 1 - student project

Here I'm going for a couple of simple visual themes, like using harsh angles for the villain and lighting to accent the hero character. I wanted this to be a value study because I'm still looking to improve on color. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Facing the Evil King (Update) - image 2 - student project

Here's a sheet of storytelling concepts. At first, I wanted to only rework my "evil king" piece. You can see that in the top left corner. Changes were made to the environment to make it more visually dynamic through use of diagonal lines, and the king is now armed. The camera angle is more dynamic and the camera now favors the hero instead of staying even with the characters. There are a lot of ways to frame a face off like this. That inspired me to work on the rest of the concepts, with which I tried to experiment a little more with mood and different storytelling motifs. The site kind of makes the image small, so feel free to check these out at full size, I'll post on the facebook group as well.