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Marion Lauro

Aspiring artist



Facial expressions - 15 secs

Hello Christine and fellow students!

Blank faced characters are rather boring. But add a bit of emotion and they'll suddenly look a lot more alive.

(I'll represse the sudden urge to screan "It's alive! Aliiiive!". Ahem.)

Keeping to the 15 seconds was surprisingly difficult. Or not so much, for a perfectionnist like me. I might have cheated. A tiny bit.

01 Here is the prep work I did back when I first signed up. I might have technically done the final drawing in 15 secs, after a lot of studying of Christine's tips and majnouna's excellent facial expressions chart.



02 I tried the emotions on an actual face. I prepared the head, then drew the actual emotions in pencil in 15 secs, then inked it all. Still looks a bit weird, I'll have to work on it.



03 And here's my latest work, months after the fact, in 15 secs each. I had fun letting go. I love some, other not so much. But I'll stop there, for now.



Thank you, Christine, for the class, it was really fun and enlightening.


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