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Facebook Ads Project RESULTS...

Hola Diego, 

Below are my results for my project and must say they are far more explosive than what I expected. After watching your course, I created a facebook page yesterday, 08/04/2016, implemented your recommendations, and just watched how user engagement popped through the roof.

MY METHOD: My ad budget was just $5.00 and reached 8,000 people, 1874 engagements, and 100 page like!!

I have done Facebook Ads before but I have never received the amount of user engagement as this method, which truly does work.

Now, depending on your business/ product/ services being offered, this method might not work for you. I recommend as Diego does too, to start small and experiment and refine. Others might question the types of users being courted, but in my case, my page got a bit more authoritative allowing me to now focus more on the target markets for my business.  

Thank you, Diego, for this invaluable course and hope you can make a US, UK, etc one in the future. 



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