Face the music

Face the music - student project

This project was right up my alley. As a professional caricature artist I love drawing faces and expressions the whole 9 yards and turning it into a cartoon. In this project I chose to use a true to life subject I saw this guy in Dunkin’ Donuts around my neighborhood and he had Such an iconic look I stopped him on the spot and asked to draw him. He happily complied and this was the result. He had an anime vibe to him and I loved the blue coTTOn candy colored hair

The other faces are those of random people ive drawn on the subways of NYC

Face the music - image 1 - student projectFace the music - image 2 - student projectFace the music - image 3 - student project

Face the music - image 4 - student projectFace the music - image 5 - student project

Elgin Bolling